Enjoy Clear Vision While Driving

We often take several aspects of our driving safety for granted. While wearing the seat belt ensures a certain level of protection, what about the sudden impact from the front? These accessories and their features are worth looking into as well.

Windshield options for your vehicle

Glass used on the windshield is not the same as regular glass used in the windows of our homes. Windshield glass has certain properties that make it ideal for moving vehicles. They are built in a way that they can support a vehicle and provide safety. Automobile glass might get cracked on impact, but usually does not splinter into. Hence, when you have a crack and opt for windscreen replacement you will notice such properties in the windscreen glass.

Different types of glasses used

Automobile glass is usually tempered and laminated glass forms. Usually laminated glass is used for making windshields in modern vehicles. The trend has started since 1927 when two pieces of glass were used along with a transparent plastic cover known as polyvinyl butyral. The sheets of glass and plastic were fused with extreme pressure and heat to create laminated glass.

Properties of windshield pane

The lamination of glass or tempering makes windshield glass ideal for moving vehicles. There is constant pressure applied by the wind or moving air when a vehicle is in motion. This pressure is countered by the glass. Small or large particles might travel in the wind and hit the windscreen which is also an impact that is absorbed by windshield glass. Though you might come across the need for car glass repair Brisbane, in most cases the design and make of windshield glass prevents it from shattering. Even if there is a crack or several cracks, these will not lead to the glass shattering. In most cases there is a layer of vinyl that acts as a cushioning barrier that prevents the glass from hitting the driver or occupant

Other automobile pane features

Usually side and back windows of an automobile are made of tempered glass. Such a glass is made from rapid heating and cooling methods. Such as glass does not shatter when hit by impact or by an object. It usually breaks into pebble like pieces. These pieces are dull and do not have sharp edges. Tempered glass usually is difficult to repair unlike laminated glass. As a result, your windshield pane can be repaired, but the glass windows on the side or the back would have to be replaced. If you are facing such issues, there are dedicated car window replacement or repair services you could call.